Holiday fun – sharing my favourite seaside-themed books, music and poetry on Facebook #seasidepick

View Devon coast

I thought it would be fun between now and the new year to post some of my favourite seaside-themed books, music and poetry on my Facebook page.

The seaside has always had a hold on my imagination. I think when you grow up by the sea it stays with you. I spent much of my adult life in Leeds and although I loved the life of the city, I increasingly found myself wanting to get back to the coast. Now I’m living in South Devon, near the stunning Exe estuary.

When I wrote my second novel, Not the End, I set it in a fictional coastal town and I wanted to write about the whole seaside experience – not just the beautiful views and the holiday atmosphere but also the small-town culture, the high-cost, low-wage economy, the occasional sense that life is going on elsewhere…

One of the characters in Not the End feels nostalgic for childhood bucket-and-spade holidays despite never having been on one. I think the seaside is part of our collective memory. I feel it myself on a sunny day, seeing blue sky and golden sand and white yachts at sea with sails like a child would draw.

I’ll start with my first #seasidepick tomorrow. Like my Facebook page or follow the hashtag to see what I’m posting – and let me know what you think of my choices!

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