On my shelf – reading the EU #EU27Project

I’m intrigued by Marina Sofia’s #EU27Project on her Finding Time to Write blog. I don’t know if I’ll be able to read a book from all 27 EU countries but I thought I’d see what I have on my book mountain that fits the bill.

hells-gateHell’s Gate by Laurent Gaudé is out in April. It’s a story of love, loss, redemption and a mysterious priest, set in Naples, written by a French author.

Her Secret Rose by Irish author Orna Ross is the the first novel in a trilogy about WB Yeats, Maud Gonne and the struggle for Irish independence.

World Editions publishes beautifully produced books in translation. A couple by Belgian authors have caught my eye. Thirty Days by Annelies Verbeke is about a musician and his partner who leave Brussels for the country and struggle to fit in. His Name is David by Jan Vantoortelboom is the story of a man about to be shot for desertion in World War One and the events that led to that moment.

The Inspector and Silence by Hakan Nesser is a Swedish police procedural which I picked up in a charity shop. It was a good day because on the same trip I got The Redbreast by Norwegian author Jo Nesbo but of course it doesn’t qualify because, as we can all say off by heart by now, Norway has access to the single market but is not in the EU.

I also picked up My Brilliant Friend by Italian author Elena Ferrante. It’s not a book I would have chosen for myself, but everyone else loves it so I thought I would give it a chance.

Quinteto de Buenos Aires is a Pepe Carvalho mystery by Spanish author Manuel Vázquez Montalbán. They are usually set in Barcelona but this one takes Carvalho to Argentina so I may look for another book by him for this challenge. Some of Montalbán’s books are available in English. This may also be the year I finally finish Don Quixote (in translation!).

I’ve also posted about some books by EU authors which I’ve read and enjoyed.


  1. You have a god selection there. I’m hesitating myself about a Finnish author’s book which is set in Serbia, whether I should include it. Ultimately, it’s your own decision. I don’t like to be a harsh disciplinarian. Seems like we have far too many of those in the world at the mo’.


  2. Yes – I guess the point of the project is to experience other perspectives, rather than be tied to narrow definitions. I’m all for the free movement of authors (and their imaginations)!


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