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The Former Chief Executive is published tomorrow.

This is the first time I’ve had a formal launch plan for a novel. In the past I’ve published first and then run around trying to promote later but I’ve learnt that’s not the best way to do things!

It hasn’t all gone to plan. As I excitedly posted my cover reveal, Twitter went crazy. Not for me though, for Prime Minister Theresa May. She was announcing a General Election to be held on 8 June, the date I had set for publication. So, it’s been an odd time, the personal and political, hopes and fears, running side by side.

I’m really grateful to the bloggers and reviewers who’ve agreed to review The Former Chief Executive or to host a guest post. I will post links here as they come in.

The Former Chief Executive by Kate Vane wordpressEP Clark


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Alison Williams Writing

Women Writers

I’m incredibly lucky that Ilaria Rosselli del Turco allowed me to use her painting ‘Head of Woman in Green Kimono’ for the cover.

I’ve had to cultivate patience over the last few weeks when part of me wanted to just get on with it, but the wait is finally over. So now it is for the people to decide…

The Former Chief Executive is available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle


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