Book review: The Truth about Archie and Pye by Jonathan Pinnock

archie and pye jonathan pinnockAfter a chance encounter with eccentric author George Burgess on a train, Tom Winscombe learns that he has been murdered. Tom thinks that the murder must be linked to Burgess’s work on the mysterious mathematician twins Archimedes and Pythagoras Vavasor, who died some years ago in suspicious circumstances. Their deaths and their unfinished work are the subject of almost cultish speculation.

Tom decides to investigate Burgess’ murder, not least because he has time on his hands. He has just sabotaged his own career via an unfortunate outburst on social media and his girlfriend’s attention seems to be elsewhere.

What follows is a fun, entertaining caper which takes Tom through internet forums, catnapping, maths-themed mutilations and a burgeoning interest in Belarus.

I enjoyed the mathematical elements of the story, but don’t be put off if you find the idea daunting. Tom doesn’t know anything at the start so the reader learns as he does. And if you’re not up for equations, there are plenty of odd characters, fun set pieces and Tom’s unerring knack for walking into trouble.

This is the third novel from the Farrago imprint which I’ve read and enjoyed. They have quite a distinctive list of ‘fiction to make you smile’ – and right now we can all do with a bit of that.

I received a copy of The Truth about Archie and Pye from the publisher via Netgalley.
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