Book review: No Tomorrow by Luke Jennings (Killing Eve 2)

no tomorrow by luke jenningsI enjoyed Codename Villanelle but for me No Tomorrow, the second in the series that inspired the TV drama Killing Eve, is even better.

It continues the story of Villanelle, a glamorous and ruthless Russian assassin in the pay of a mysterious organisation, and Eve, the MI5 operative who is trying to track her down. But I think what gives this book the edge is the arc of the characters.

Villanelle, previously portrayed as an invulnerable sociopath, is now showing signs of becoming emotionally involved in her work. Meanwhile, Eve’s pursuit of Villanelle is exposing her to a world of luxury and influence, quite different from her cosy marriage and her even cosier flat.

There is great wit and humour here (I loved Eve’s dinner party from hell, haven’t we all had one of those?) There is also a ratcheting up of the tension as the dynamic between Eve and Villanelle is beautifully played out.

Finally, there is a fantastic twist which means that if there is to be another book (and I really hope there is) the story will have to take a whole new direction.

I received a copy of No Tomorrow from the publisher via Netgalley.
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  1. Now I’m doubly curious: and I’ve managed to avoid the talk of “what’s next” so far, so I will remain curious for now! 🙂


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