Book review: Pig Wrestling by Pete Lindsay and Dr Mark Bawden

pig wrestling by pete lindsay and dr mark bawdenPig Wrestling promises a powerful approach to problem solving delivered via a ‘fable’ about said pig. The fable is in fact a not-very-interesting and over-long story about a man known only as the Young Manager, who, at the behest of the Santa-like Barista in his company’s building, wanders round various departments getting lectures from colleagues (they get names for some reason).

Their advice is based on ideas that will be familiar to anyone who has read a few pop psychology books – confirmation bias, reframing, that thing about the flies etched into urinals to make men piss more tidily.

At the end, the authors suggest ways in which you can apply your learning in your own work. If a colleague is taking too much interest in a problem that doesn’t concern them, you should say, apparently without irony, “That isn’t your pig to wrestle”.

If nothing else, this book offers a worthy addition to your next team meeting’s buzzword bingo.

I received a copy of Pig Wrestling from the publisher via Netgalley.
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A book I’d recommend instead –  The Undoing Project by Michael Lewis tells the story of Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky, who originated much of the thinking that informs popular psychology.


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