Reblog: Desert Island Books with Kate Vane

I’ve been sharing my desert island books with Beverley Has Read – find out what I’ll be reading on the island, and which fictional character I’d like to take with me!

Beverley Has Read

Hello and welcome to another instalment of Desert Island Books! This is a monthly feature where I chat to bloggers, authors and people from the book industry about the books they love.

The premise is simple – imagine you have ended up on a desert island. You have sufficient food and clean water but you need something to occupy your mind. You can bring 5 books with you to your island paradise, but what would they be? And why? Oh, and you’re also allowed to bring a fictional character from literature with you, who would you choose?

About Kate Vane

Kate Vane

Kate worked as a probation officer in Leeds for a number of years. She started writing crime fiction because she thought made-up criminals would be easier to anage (she was wrong). She now lives on the South Devon coast.

She has published five novels. The latest, Still You Sleep, is…

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