Coming soon: my new novel End of the Bay

end of the bay kate vane

I haven’t been around as much on the blog or social media, because I’ve been finishing a book! It’s not the next Tilda and Freddie novel, though. As I discussed in an earlier post, I’ve been finding it hard to write realistic contemporary fiction when we know so little about how the world will be by the time the book is finished. 

I’ve also, perhaps, been looking for a little escapism. I’ve had a more lighthearted (sea)side project on the go for a while. Well, for the last few months it’s become my main project and now End of the Bay is finished!

Here’s the description:

Everything must go from one affluent street on the English Riviera. The cliffs are crumbling and the substantial detached properties are sliding into the sea.

The residents try to pull together but they are pushed to the brink when one of them is found horribly murdered.

Laura has washed up there after studying and is living in the empty home of plastic-goods retail magnate Ron Royce. She tells anyone who asks she is the house-sitter.

When her neighbour Charles, retired engineer and relentless gardener, falls under suspicion of the murder, they join forces to clear his name.

Can they channel Torquay’s most famous daughter, Agatha Christie, to solve the crime?

Or does Laura have other fish to fry?

Update: It’s out now on Amazon Kindle. Due to the pandemic I’m only doing an ebook for now, but I hope to do a paperback in the future.

Here’s the Amazon page where you can buy or download a sample:




  1. Congrats on the new release! I’m glad you were able to find a story to tell during these strange times, even if it wasn’t the story you were planning to tell next. I’m looking forward to paper-possibilities, as I continue to have to monitor my screen usage, so reading that way is ever a challenge.

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  2. Thanks! Hopefully I will do a paperback at some point.

    I know what you mean about screens. I find it quite hard to read for pleasure during the week after a day on the desktop. I tend to go for audiobooks or podcasts and do my eye-reading at weekends.

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