Book review: Hothouse Earth by Bill McGuire

Hothouse Earth, written by geologist and activist Bill McGuire, is a great summary for the general reader of the key issues around the climate emergency. It’s just under 200 pages and is broken down into short sections.

The areas it covers include the scientific evidence for the effects of global heating on climate, food security, humanity and biodiversity. He also discusses the likely social consequences – including heat-related deaths, mass migration and civil unrest. There’s also an interesting critique of some of the technological fixes offered by the private jet class as an excuse not to do anything.

Some of this was new to me, some of it was information that I sort-of thought I knew from reading about it or hearing it on a podcast. The beauty of Hothouse Earth is that it brings everything into one book you can refer back to.

Hothouse Earth is very accessible and the warmth and commitment of Bill McGuire shines through. It could leave you despairing – there’s a calamity coming, we know what we need to do, but too many people in power have an interest in doing nothing. But it’s also, somehow, inspiring and a call to action.

I received a copy of Hothouse Earth from the publisher via Netgalley.
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