kate vane novels

Wondering what to read next? Here’s a short guide to my novels.

Still You Sleep is the first in a crime fiction series featuring online journalist Tilda Green and veteran crime reporter Freddie Stone. It’s the story of a vulnerable young woman who has died of a drug overdose. Tilda is on the trail of social media trolls who are using her death for their own ends but Freddie thinks the killer is closer to home.

Tilda and Freddie first appeared as minor characters in Brand New Friend. Foreign correspondent Paolo Bennett re-examines his days as a student activist when he learns that one of his friends has been unmasked as an undercover cop who may be linked to two murders. A thriller with a great 80s soundtrack!

The Former Chief Executive is a novel of suspense. Deborah was the chief executive of a hospital trust but has been forced into retirement after a tragedy. Luca, a young ex-offender, comes to work on her garden, and appears to offer friendship, but as events escalate it seems neither of them can escape the past.

My first novel, Recognition, is a crime novel set in Leeds in the early 2000s. A child’s evidence led to the conviction of a man for her mother’s murder, but ten years on the conviction is in doubt. Therapist Nat Keane knew the family then and is trying to untangle the truth, but maybe she has got too close.

Not the End represents a change of tone for me. It’s not crime fiction but a wry look at life and death in a Devon seaside town. It draws on my experience of working in a local authority cemeteries department!

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